Cloud / DevOps Engineering Coach

We're always looking for great coaches. Whenever you read this, we're ready to hear from you.

Everyone deserves a job they love. Makers trains people as software engineers, helps them find that job, and then helps them thrive.

You deserve a job you love. We’ve got one for you.

Makers is a professional school for software engineers. We began as Europe’s first ‘coding bootcamp’, where career changers retrained as software developers. Since 2013 we’ve helped more than 3,000 people begin a new career in software that way. We’re one of the UK’s biggest software developer apprenticeship providers, helping people train at no cost to them, and we’re not stopping there. We partner with the UK’s most ambitious organisations to design innovative training from DevOps, to Data, Quality Engineering, Leadership, and beyond.

We’re pretty good at what we do, according to our clients (both developers and employers), industry bodies, the press and the government. We can only get better by working with you.


You want to be more than just an engineer or a manager or a teacher or a consultant: you want to help people progress in their careers at an unbelievable rate. You want to help them change their lives, to power the organisations they work with, and to make the industry and world a better place.

As a technical coach at Makers, your role is to help people grow. You’ll join our team of software industry professionals working across all of our programmes, including:

  • Immersive Engineering Training
    The core of our approach is immersive engineering training. Learners of all backgrounds join us full-time to gain modern tech engineering skills and become adaptive self-directed learners who can quickly become productive members of any dev team. Coaches run workshops, provide 1:1 support, give feedback and overall ensure that learners learn.
  • Specialist Training
    Some of our engineers go on to study specific specialisms targeted towards their roles. For example, DevOps and SRE, Engineering Leadership, or use of specific stacks. Coaches take on the challenge of curriculum development and iteration, supported by our educational tools and ethos. Do you have a specialism you want to share? Let’s talk about it!
  • In-Role Coaching
    The first year in the industry is an exciting and challenging experience. Our technical coaches also support on that journey to help learners navigate the team environment, and accelerate their learning.
  • Interview Coaching
    Performing well at a technical interview can be a real test for any dev, particularly at the beginning of their career. We coach developers in taking their skills to the next level, navigating the job-hunt, and understanding what they need to demonstrate to interviewers.
  • Curriculum Development and Innovation
    We’re on the cutting edge of technical education and are always searching for new opportunities to help people learn. No matter your path as a coach, you can expect to gain the skills not just to teach but to design highly effective educational experiences — and potentially advance the field of technical education as a whole.

You’ll have the opportunity to work in all of these areas as a part of building your practice as an effective technical educator. You may move around to learn new educational techniques and styles, or spend time gaining in-depth expertise in one area.

In all of these areas, you’ll play each of these roles:

  • Coach.
    Through active listening and questions, you’ll help learners reflect on their learning, their goals, the problems they are facing and the solutions they may try.
  • Mentor.
    You’ll use your own experience as a professional developer to model skills and behaviour necessary to be a dev.
  • Technical expert.
    You’ll use your technical knowledge to give expert feedback to learners as well as to help guide them towards solving their own problems.
  • Emotional support.
    The learning experience can be intense. Learners are often under a lot of stress and financial pressure. You should be there to support them and help them make the best choices they can.
  • Education expert.
    Using recognised educational tools, you’ll help the learners organise their learning, sequence material, rebuild their mental models and ultimately become independent self-learners.

We want our approach to be the foundation of how technical skills are taught everywhere. Come and be a part of it.

You should:

  • have experience as a professional Cloud / DevOps engineer (any technology)
  • have experience helping people to grow (coaching, teaching, mentoring, tutoring, or something similar. This might be informal as part of a hobby or volunteering, or it could have been as part of a management role)
  • be comfortable talking to people (you’ll need to coach learners 1:1, as well as run workshops in front of groups of up to 30 learners)
  • be a self-led learner yourself (both to model behaviour to learners, and because our culture will need you to proactively look for information and feedback)


  • Working in a company that’s built on trust over fear with a core mission to transform lives;
  • Growing as a person, by learning transparency, vulnerability, the growth mindset, emotional intelligence, perhaps some hard truths about yourself, and how to give and receive feedback honestly and productively;
  • Join weekly yoga and daily meditation sessions run for the staff and students;
  • 15% discount on classes & treatments at Triyoga Shoreditch;
  • Company pension contributions;
  • We have a minimum holiday policy, rather than a maximum. We encourage our team to take at least 30 days a year (excluding UK Bank Holidays), including a Winter and Spring break when we shut down between late December and January, and mid year for a week. The whole company takes a break, so you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that nobody is working, not just you;
  • We embrace holistic health at Makers, where mental health matters and is just as important as physical health, which is why we offer unlimited fully paid wellness leave from day 1;
  • Enhanced parental pay & leave - up to 20 weeks fully paid maternity leave, up to 8 weeks fully paid paternity & secondary caregiver leave, and up to 20 weeks fully paid adoption leave;
  • Private Medical Insurance (after you've been with us at least 3 months);
  • Being surrounded by a diverse group of bright, motivated people, who all really care about doing the very best they can for our learners, for our hiring partners and for each other.

At Makers, diversity and inclusion are core to our mission. Ensuring our people feel included and valued is critical for us to live the Makers' values: Nurture a growth mindset, Trust over fear, and Prioritise joy. We are actively working towards fostering a strong culture of belonging for both our students and our people and encourage applications from all backgrounds, abilities, communities, and industries. We see the value behind the new ideas you could bring to help us achieve our mission.

If reading this job description has given you any doubt about whether you’d feel welcome or included at Makers, first, we’re sorry. Second, we’d really like to hear from you about it so we don’t do it again.

Contact Sandy Vo - Talent Partner, if you have any questions or require accommodations / adjustments to be made.