Makers Leaders Coach

Location: Hybrid working from our office near Old Street, or at home

Role Type: Permanent, Full Time

Salary Bracket: £60,000 - £70,000

Reporting to: Makers Leaders Coach

Everyone deserves a job they love. At Makers, we retrain people as software developers and kickstart their careers by placing them in tech teams across the UK.

You deserve a job you love, and we’ve got one for you.

Makers’ purpose is to transform lives and organisations by bridging tech industry needs and under-discovered talent. We do this through training software engineers and placing them in organisations. Now, we’re expanding our focus to another big issue for UK tech businesses: a shortage of mission-ready technical leaders.
Organisations choose us because we focus harder than anyone else on training the skills that help people succeed in their jobs — whatever those skills might be.

As Makers Leaders Coach, your role is to support emerging technical leaders on their path towards a sustainable and enjoyable leadership career. You will work with established leaders to develop an innovative and impactful curriculum and deliver it to diverse groups of emerging leaders.

What you’ll be doing

    Case Method Teaching

    The core of our approach to leadership training is the case method. The case method is a form of participatory learning often used on MBA programmes as a way of putting learners in the shoes of seasoned leaders. You will run case discussions together with reading groups, seminars and practical workshops to deliver the Makers Leaders curriculum.

    Building Partnerships

    You will build relationships with partners — understanding what their leadership challenges are and explaining how we can support their people to become exceptional software engineering leaders. As a technical leadership expert at Makers, you will speak with partners regularly to build interest, support the sales process and help them understand how their learners are progressing.

    Curriculum Development and Innovation

    We’re on the cutting edge of technical education and are always searching for new opportunities to help people learn. At Makers you can expect to gain the skills not just to teach but to design highly effective educational experiences — and potentially advance the field of technical leadership education as a whole. As an Engineering Leadership Coach you will spend time interviewing experienced leaders, writing cases and continuously evolving our leadership curriculum.

    An Engineering Leadership Coach will play each of these roles:


    As well as delivering the Makers Leaders curriculum, you’ll also help learners reflect on their learning, their goals, the problems they are facing and the solutions they may try.

    Technical expert

    You’ll use your technical knowledge to deliver expert practicals and workshops, provide legitimacy to your teaching, and help guide learners towards solving their leadership challenges.

    Education expert

    You will help pioneer our leadership training philosophy — working with Makers’ partners to customise programmes that meet the needs of their organisation and ensuring we deliver value over time.

    Our training takes place both remote and onsite. From time to time we may ask you to work from our office in London or remotely as fits the needs of our partners and learners.

    What success looks like

    • The learners you work with are achieving their professional objectives — this might include promotion in their organisation or success for their teams.
    • The learners you work with view their experience as demanding but rewarding, viewing our support as highly effective in helping them succeed in their journey.
    • You are building meaningful relationships with the leaders you are teaching and the partners you are developing the programme with, to ensure the programme is delivered to a high standard that meets the aims of the partner organisation.
    • The employers you work with understand how engineering leadership education works, what we teach and why, and how their learners are progressing.
    • Safeguarding concerns are logged and handled promptly.
    • Systems for tracking learner progress are kept up to date for the learners you assess or work with.
    • You are consistently reflecting on and improving the work that you and your team do, both through improving our materials, your own coaching approach, technical skills, and supporting others to do the same.

    Why Join Makers

    Makers is a coding bootcamp and apprenticeship provider. We’re on a mission to be the brand of choice for aspiring devs and employers with a vision of creating career joy in a representative tech industry.

    Our purpose is to transform lives and organisations by bridging tech industry needs and under-discovered talent.

    At Makers, we believe everyone deserves a job they love. We’re proud of our culture which is built on trust over fear with a core mission to transform lives. We value growing as people by learning transparency, vulnerability, the growth mindset, emotional intelligence, perhaps some hard truths about yourself, and how to give and receive feedback honestly and productively. We care about being surrounded by a diverse group of bright, motivated people, who all really care about doing the very best they can for our students, for our hiring partners, and for each other

    Our Benefits & Perks

    • We have a minimum holiday policy, rather than a maximum. We encourage our team to take at least 30 days a year (excluding UK Bank Holidays), including a Winter and Spring break when we shut down between late December and January, and mid year for a week. The whole company takes a break, so you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that nobody is working, not just you;
    • We embrace holistic health at Makers, where mental health matters and is just as important as physical health, which is why we offer unlimited fully paid wellness leave from day 1;
    • Private Medical Insurance (after you’ve been with us at least 3 months);
    • £500 Learning & Development allowance per annum and paid time off dedicated to your training & learning;
    • Join weekly yoga and daily meditation sessions run for the staff and students;
    • 20% discount on classes & treatments at Triyoga studies across London;
    • Company pension contributions;
    • Enhanced parental pay & leave - up to 20 weeks fully paid maternity leave, up to 8 weeks fully paid paternity & secondary caregiver leave, and up to 20 weeks fully paid adoption leave;
    • Access to a Perks at Work account which provides access to a range of shopping and other leisure discounts.

    Who we’re looking for

    At Makers, we want everyone in the team to:

    • Connect to our mission - Excited about our mission at Makers to change lives, and helping create an environment where our team can do their best work and thrive.
    • Have a growth mindset - You love learning, are open to new opinions and approaches, and enjoy continuously developing yourself and others.
    • Prioritise joy - You care about others and are able to empathise, communicate effectively, overcome challenges and help create a supportive and joyful place to work.
    • Value trust over fear - You value trust in your working relationships and are able to work in an environment that values transparency, open feedback, clear communication, and challenging the status quo as key foundations.

    For this role, we’re looking for:

    • Empathy with the learner
      The skill of thinking from the perspective of someone who doesn't know something that you know, and taking sensible actions to help them grow on that basis.
    • Excitement about education
      The enthusiasm to do education really well, perhaps even better than we currently do it.
    • Growth-orientation
      A desire to grow as an educator at Makers, not just arrive and be good at it immediately.
    • Technical confidence
      The confidence to step into unfamiliar technical situations and know you'll figure it out, even if you don't know the answer right now.
    • Leadership experience
      You should be excited by leadership and able to speak positively about the challenges and opportunities facing engineering leaders. You should have significant leadership experience, ideally in a technical context.
    • Software development expertise
      You should be able to speak credibly about the role of a software developer from junior to tech lead, and have the technical expertise necessary to do that job — or be driven to learn and grow to gain that expertise.
    • Drive for diversity & inclusion
      To care about, and be resolved to play a part in improving, diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

    At Makers, diversity and inclusion are core to our mission. Ensuring our people feel included and valued is critical for us to live the Makers' values: Nurture a growth mindset, Trust over fear, and Prioritise joy. We are actively working towards fostering a strong culture of belonging for both our students and our people and encourage applications from all backgrounds, abilities, communities, and industries. We see the value behind the new ideas you could bring to help us achieve our mission.

    If reading this job description has given you any doubt about whether you’d feel welcome or included at Makers, first, we’re sorry. Second, we’d really like to hear from you about it so we don’t do it again.

    Contact Sandy Vo - Talent Partner, if you have any questions or require accommodations / adjustments to be made.