Apprenticeships Placement Coach / Assessor - Software Development level 4

Everyone deserves a job they love. Makers retrains people as software developers and helps them find that job.

You deserve a job you love. We’ve got one for you.

You want to be more than just an assessor or apprenticeships trainer: you want to help people build fantastic careers at an unbelievable rate, which will help them and the people they work with change their lives for the better.

As an Apprenticeships Placement Coach you’ll be responsible for empowering our software engineers to succeed — whatever that means for the developers. With your educational focus, you’ll help developers advance their understanding and collect evidence of their progress. You’ll help them to understand the requirements of their level 4 Apprenticeship qualification, and help them to overcome any team and workplace obstacles. You will help them grow into their role, coaching them to work better with clients, or even help them take on leadership roles in their teams.

You’ll have the freedom to act in a way that you believe is right for the company. You’ll have a genuine say in the way the business is run, and the environment in which you work. You’ll be encouraged to identify problems and solve them; and to seek out new opportunities and pursue them. In short, you'll have a voice that will be heard and valued.

This could be a permanent or contract position.

What you’ll be doing

You will be the main point of contact for our learners, empowering them to solve their own problems, and helping to remove anything that may hinder their progress. You will be responsible for setting up regular meetings with each of them in their workplaces in and around London. You are passionate about tech, and you will have the support of our technical coaches to support you with specific code related problems.

You won’t just help developers navigate challenges, but also be their guide in charting a course through the immense learning opportunities of their early careers — making sure no opportunity goes unexplored, and ensuring they end their placement year competent and accomplished.

Imagine the mentor you wish you had at the start of your career — that’s your role.

What success looks like

  • A successful Placement coach will have a great rapport with all the learners under their care.
  • You will have in-depth knowledge of each learners pathway through the course.
  • Learners will feel like they are supported and empowered to follow their own path to success.
  • You will also have a trusted relationship with our learners’ employers, helping them to identify areas where they can make changes to better support the growth of our learners.
  • As a culmination of all these things, your success will be shown in a high number of distinctions and an outstanding Ofsted assessment.


  • Working in a company that’s built on trust over fear with a core mission to transform lives;
  • Growing as a person, by learning transparency, vulnerability, the growth mindset, emotional intelligence, perhaps some hard truths about yourself, and how to give and receive feedback honestly and productively;
  • Able to join yoga and meditation;
  • Discounts on classes & treatments at Triyoga Shoreditch;
  • Join a scaling company that’s evolving all the time;
  • We have a minimum holiday policy, rather than a maximum - we encourage our team to take at least 33 days a year;
  • Private Medical Insurance (after you've been with us at least 3 months);
  • A Perks @Work account for significant discounts on products, experiences and things like gym membership;
  • Being surrounded by a diverse group of bright, motivated people, who all really care about doing the very best they can for our students, for our hiring partners and for each others.


  • Location: Based out of our apprenticeships office near Old Street, London.
  • Salary: We’ll offer in the region of £40,000, depending on previous (relevant) experience.
  • Holiday: We have a minimum holiday policy, rather than a maximum - you must take at least 28 days a year.
  • Management: Makers is a company built on trust, rather than fear: you’re trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the business (which includes how, when and where you work).

Recruitment Process

  • Apply with a cover letter (and, ideally, CV/LinkedIn);
  • We’ll review completed applications and get back to you within a week, either with feedback about your application or an invitation to interview;
  • Phone interview with Dan, Growth Coach at Makers Apprenticeships;
  • Assessment with the coaching team, including:
    • A session with our coaches and learners where you will observe and participate in an activity, followed by a chance to exchange feedback and a chat about any questions that may arise as a result of the activity.
    • Final chat with Spencer, MD of apprenticeships.

We’re building a working environment (and recruitment process) where everyone feels welcome and included - we know we can do a lot better, and we’re committed to learning what more we can do to improve. If reading this job description has given you any doubt about whether you’d feel welcome or included at Makers, first, we’re sorry; and second, we’d really like to hear from you about it, so we don’t do it again.

About Makers

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